There’s nothing like the feeling of making your own quilt. It becomes a snapshot of our lives. A physical record that symbolizes what we’ve done, and how we’ve chosen to spend our time. A story embodied in an object. Something that can be held, loved and cherished, and passed down to future generations. A family heirloom.

I love quilting for many reasons; the recycling and reuse of fabrics, transforming insignificant scraps into a beautiful whole, the human tradition of creating functional objects for personal use, the art of expression, and the challenge of craftsmanship for its own sake.

Whatever your reason for making quilts, I hope you’ll share the results with me and with others. I think the world is a better place when we’re all more thoughtful about what we consume, what we make, and how we spend our time.

Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life here with me.

– Maura Grace Ambrose

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Special Thanks

Chap – Thank you for vision.
Josh – I’m inspired everytime we work together.
Murphy – Thank you for helping me see the finish line.
Jara – Your skills were invaluable to this project.
Jen – You are my dream co-star.